Hokie Smokie BBQ

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  1. pay tax7:13
  2. Johnson City3:57
  3. University of Tennessee0:35, 8:39
  4. Green tomatoes2:05
  5. melted cheese7:50
  6. Stratton Mountain1:13
  7. chicken wings1:39
  8. Virginia Tech0:30
  9. cal Worthington6:07
  10. ice cream8:20

Mon, 2 Apr 2012|

Check out the fantastic food at Hokie Smokie - located across from the mall in Johnson City. www.HokieSmokie.com


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

People if you're right we. Your commitment and but that's a -- it all about it's doing the hokey smoky. Right -- just to be in -- restaurant -- just opened up in January we're so excited to have Jeff Bailey and I did -- nicely with us this morning. He's doing it and I understand this is a family venture it is. It's absolutely. We opened up with my father and my brother myself my father's. Virginia Tech graduate. 'cause that's when -- hope he comes out in my brother myself when -- went to University of Tennessee. Certainly we thought we got a smoking now yeah now that's how little the best of both worlds tonight. And it's inviting everybody and that's how here's now it is an honor yeah break up any. We play each other in the future it may be a little better yeah. When yes you have to have everybody on this site like this side is pretty spacious it's exactly that I. But how about your menu all kinds of things well we wanted to stop that some appetizers today it's going to me. -- -- -- -- -- He's gonna work on the president Mike Stratton Mountain that's one appetizers. We also have Turkey legs -- brought with us today -- tell you let -- call -- smoking Hokies. So it's not the news of the day of smoking so I'm and I and it's Kelly I did not want or not we should time you see how long it takes you eat. Yeah but I wasn't looking forward to it. How long it take to beat this thing then again. Both time that we have at. I'm also that chicken wings are a little bit different than what you used we use a three step process occult traffic my chicken that's. So basically it's we smoke them. And then not for a couple -- get the good smoke flavor and after that will allow both front and good Christine and then we cut him and finish -- real. -- three step process really makes little difference what happened you can tell them wherever else. And what we have in the middle here this is not rest of the fried Green tomatoes. Those we have we slice and every morning. Read them up and -- to order and and hook smokers. And look at a little thought that this didn't. Yes that is assault exhaust itself look like run it on. It's I'm -- say even in Iraq is not that the voice that you I have experience and this man you just as we -- kind of now all of these recipes are basically a family recipes throughout. My grandmother's -- -- -- that will show regulator I have my my aunt Margaret old country -- Mr. -- counties. It's it's we've taken all the recipes that that we -- throughout the years and combined them into restaurants that's really settlers. And now he has a broadcasting degree -- hope that predate that maybe. -- and say your family obviously baking the -- absolutely. Definitely barbecuing. You know the county got a lucky for us was more than just don't -- on the grill it's all about him. Family time that he's been together and actually -- out until the moment it's -- It's time for our -- here. Not vehicles slivers -- your -- you actually pulled -- right absolutely for the at times we do. That's the dinner is actually a lot to America. But for the -- -- we get not big portion. Now the brisket it's cooked for twelve hours it's -- slow -- overnight now MI -- and -- are actually. Made every day. We don't stay a day ahead through everything that you eat in the restaurant -- this is below the -- that morning house it makes a little bit is that he is an excellent yeah. -- it's worth it no longer unfortunately. Weighted list as my. Goodness I hear you everybody yeah. How does the information they are located right there -- and LaMont Johnson City on. -- Cassel around the hokey smoky restaurant go check cannot even visit their website for more as well we're talking. -- -- On Monday of but he's not much you can have my spot that came on -- absolutely. It -- choice talking about on the -- now you. Actually actually I think it's gonna go ahead if you're helping his opponent who what we thought Philly cheese -- egregious provisions in here -- Maryland's most of them -- Tosses you like yeah yeah friends and packages sent him. Basically the same ideas that would you say -- we -- slow smoked brisket which makes a huge difference and differently global in the play are absolutely absolutely. A lot longer. Hot food coloring and make your -- grandfather over the actually this is the country and let -- -- better here. -- recounting. Resting. My market actually. -- -- -- -- That -- collar greens we have -- haters out. Traffic -- I don't think that it's it has new potatoes and he -- sweet thing. Track -- that -- that -- the -- but I think you'll like that monthly throughout -- okay -- -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it doesn't make a little bit it's fun. The -- that we have the chicken and dumplings and that is my grandmother's recipe we make it the exact words used to make it back in the day on the job. We're not point out back to get kicked me from the we have that's inside also that we haven't -- will be. Recording attack some things it has done. Some stuff -- enough -- I -- me play her. And the crackle and as you know what else. The markets -- -- -- -- what do you want wanted to make your favorite isn't always cowboy up cal Worthington had actually and I wouldn't check and now it's actually. I key as well again Victorino moved from the game and I'm really fried -- and our callers. It's good thing on your different for you -- And it little accident that happened that. Well what we health care. I think we've brought it up a whole classic. Pattern and turn. It over there will be enough. That failed that. Laugh at. It does make it. It's kind of popping differently the secret anger ingredient -- -- -- a -- way. It wasn't you know that we don't know exactly exactly -- I felt -- -- Well you're. Well. I thought okay we got about thirty seconds how we have pictures that Jeff. Popular vote today hopefully that -- come back. It drifted through here you have to go and you know pay tax on an accident -- Moves would he do magic. Mikey how yeah. We've worked together -- Yeah I am not at night that he thought he got -- more. You listeners I have. We were just talking about how wonderful it is an intermediate did not pay less sleep and yeah -- Let me start seeing what it's what looks sounds and taste better than hooks get a break it -- that melted cheese. On it and what do is complete and. Without -- exactly well three of their desserts with us we always have a -- of the day -- That rotates -- We had that Scott Cutler is in house all the time we rotate through Blackberry cobbler which I brought today. Cherry cobbler and then seasonally will be to impeach governor as well this summer. We'll look forward. I'd say that's huge -- -- did you come with ice cream but it went off all melted in the there. We let that out. And then we have bear their case -- law Texas I make case this is -- in stressful. Chocolate lovers and mango -- -- only. I'm very and it's it's as you can see the University of Tennessee orange. I got off so much and we thank you so much for coming look at that as an -- I think. Yeah it was enough for you need pitching and a fair and simple. Yes and keep looking at my -- and reminded them that you can't -- don't think -- up through there.