Local Kentucky Derby Party

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  1. Kentucky Derby0:13, 1:26, 1:42
  2. Alpha Natural Resources3:09
  3. Big Apple2:15
  4. Texas State1:46
  5. floppy hats0:10
  6. extra supply1:36
  7. forced sale2:27
  8. Bristol0:49, 3:11, 3:34
  9. fund raiser0:31, 2:43

Thu, 19 Apr 2012|

Here with more are with more are Heather Cook and Melissa Jones. Visity DerbyNortheast.com for more information


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- play is grabbing a big floppy hats and get ready to go all out this year and you can experience the Kentucky Derby without leaving the tri cities. Joining me now with more on a special event there Heather put. Analysts it's really great to have both of you -- I think he's going to be here well this is something premium for -- stay home a little bit about your spring race there. Well it's called the derby and it is I'm not girls bring fund raiser. We're really just trying to make it big benefit where all the ladies wanna come out but -- Bobby's hat hat contest. We have to live horses coming they're going that -- take it found -- let them live coverage projector screens across the whole brand. It's going to be really not that downtown Bristol. On State Street in the foundation of this facility which brought about six when he stay -- if he's not and it's absolutely beautiful morning. Oh my gosh I was in just the other day in the architecture and it's so open and what a beautiful thank you for something like that it. So how you get to my horses in downtown with love it. How -- and the number of course it. Well rape and gaining at having let it and they are so we're sick and they travel by air and they love having their picture may. And they're gonna have a nice little blanket on and just like they just won the Kentucky Derby that's going to be -- really aren't. And next thing you need to come hungry because they're going all out with great themes -- tell me a little bit about the meaning you. That's 612 extra supply hopeful that -- while and Apple's rules tripping grants. -- like Jeff Watson at the Kentucky Derby should be the right. On it and and then you let the Texas State -- of -- tonight Qaeda that and then of course you're telling me about the programs. Including -- won the official programs -- -- isn't there. He's doing well you know actually the courses are not confirmed until the Wednesday before the race they cannot print the programs until the day before the race. So we are having it or not it's so I guess we'll have the official program for consecutive. I mean you talk about going on out now put some of the question late may be thinking when I can't -- -- and and you gotta you know have the Big Apple Q but. You guys can take and that is -- that's not been hats and staying up at the three of -- the way. I had like about Washington State students. And -- well below that are forced sale. You can call them Apple's app state foundation to find out how to get one at least before it's because all the ladies now it's really all about cats that you start with a cat and they'll be out at around half I think that. That's apparently and you mentioned that students tell -- a little bit about this as a fund raiser for northeast state and how important it is and what that -- All of the proceeds from the S will go to scholarships for these statements. I was very proud what they say they're going community college in the state of Tennessee Evan not a percent job like that right. And I have a 100% with some of their technical programs that. I'm just very out of northeast today. And they think the president -- at -- sponsors and how are Alpha Natural Resources of the apple fold Bristol -- -- And -- currently -- Are paying sponsors and so grateful to be tactically sound. Like you have pulled out all the stops you're gonna have a blast actually let's tell everybody the information because it is coming up. May fifth of course right and in fact neither is going on it will be. So much fun and it is being held at six -- -- State Street in downtown Bristol they have got their own web site you can buy your -- on the -- think that -- that any time honored. That includes all the festivities derby northeast. Dot com grab your cat and friend and second out thank you -- looks like he's got that look at it tell us.