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Following portion of daytime is sponsored by. Placing ads on TV about the -- -- -- program where you get it from -- -- gallon discount. We get the points that you earned while you're buying -- -- people here felt exactly how to earn those points and how we can get bullets points. Chairman -- -- -- and Nelson -- thanks for coming back with us and -- -- coming. In the start. Any conversation anymore cheese -- -- It was. And when you can say fifteen cents a gallon that's pretty. This fifty cents a gallon the way to cheese shop you get one point for every dollar you spend. And if you about the exclusive brands or are probably evil plan to get bonus points for every ten dollars and these particular items that you purchase you get ten. On this points. In addition to that pharmacy. You have a prescription to -- new prescription or transfer prescriptions you're fifty bonus points for each one of those. 150 points we convert that to -- California. And that it can twenty up to twenty gallons is yes through visits per gallon 220 gallons. All right. And so when we talk about your brands -- you get the double. That's anything with of intensity on that threatens you and and you or. Does and let -- -- brand which is the it is. Quite chuck wagon leaves me teary chips. -- Brent price point that. All of those you get that extra points for and and you don't know this you don't even talk to dial even your top here right in London. They all they opt out at a. This with a lemon twist it's just. Teasing I'm using no letters believe so. I mean everybody is -- -- Nelson's ticket and wait for you. Hubby and -- promise so this is. Just an easy way to thank you so much money list and now with the with gas prices. And in to see him do something else. That adds up plus you're getting extra point with the green. So yeah. So when you aren't. Make sure you go in and all you to get first you have every density card. You've got your card that's correct yes you are just scan your card which was captured as for you. And just as you check out you can and at the bottom of the register receipt. You'd be able to see how many points you aren't on that that trip and you bonus points you've arm and -- you've accumulated. Across time and usually certainly for you touched me. And when you're at home you get your food city value card in that you you're. Credit card and then there's the skiing -- in -- in your arm -- Being -- man -- what's the number and and that's part of his house and I only comeback has got some of the foods and -- hill facing a special. We've got changes that is big movie reviews the one that everybody. The preceding fourth and in the daytime was sponsored by. We're having a bad game of checkers here that you're there and here and neck and he. So yeah we're using. Our topic. Right -- after the pets when that was cute. We will. So. Well it. I was thinking about picnics. And quick easy picnic food you know it's still there's still plenty to go. I put together bunch of my favorite so all right. And a right starting with a triple you can get there isn't certain instant lights. Lighter than -- System and -- goes right right. And we've got ships that -- paper products. Cups -- -- Apple's. Of course that place. And possibly. In the. Certainly needs. Yes so once again we if you get these for eons. You get the extra points for your fuel months there you go right that's what this. But there's pictures here. It. Better it's better yet he's trained well I have to. At one treated me at home one year old -- electrical -- -- when the camera. I always looked at tax grounds for. There the club grounds that classical and positive and other good picnic foods you always gonna have viewed via. The food from close range from -- instead it -- -- green that's no accident that great yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- And cheese and crackers what this is something so. That this is -- slice and -- That. So I was so impressed with my father of what she's she's good with a right hand this is awful for parties I mean you can go to food city and for party like that. Mean. And then for the kids' lunches with those school leaders admit it you get your third blasters and putting everybody all the kids -- -- -- So just to review since we're coming to school. For your fuel books he get. -- points for every dollar you spend but it for every ten dollars he's been on the food club brands. That classic Koreans. The drugstore. And even in it even in the drugstore you're looking over or else what. Senator Jeff points at. Atlanta lying. But that's. All right the trick -- -- city for all of your. Basically everything you need and then. You've also. The points we get again and him. You've got to start with your intensity and the points that they have four donation for veterans I saw that with the food club products as well. That if they do the food club product there's donations that are made to the US better yes we're -- from. From the line goes through -- supporter military as well on their payments. Our right to Citi dot com to get out if you don't have one of those -- parts factories when -- get. And we are back and we're talking with the city in all the great products they have store brands. Classic brand's legacy brands. However top here there'll be -- Now all of them you get extra points four -- Q what is the camera and I was -- them. Before that you need to get into the cart -- -- so easy to do it in the stories below thing. And there on my answers to things. Correct you can actually go to -- dot com and get a card there really well. If you go to www. His city dot com. A -- in the top right hand corner of the screen click on that you can sign up for everything right there it injury temporary card that you can friends and his. Didn't -- we will know that they need -- court number two you in the mail the next day. Once you have that account. You can. See how many fuel points you have and you feel like you have. If a school -- is coming out if you're willing to school you can see the school. You can see all a lot of other information if you have if you part of the kids club that you can tell. They want to close them all your contest and everything everybody's there. That Susan dot com check it out -- -- end. And if we can't we'll we'll be back wrap things up in just.